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3OH 3i really need to grow up maybe i should get older, wiser, hey, sir, can you help me out , yo, could you help me out , yo, mister, could you help me out , just help me out, i really need to get wiser, older, maybe you can help me out, never was really too good at sports, never really knew how to play the shit , everyone always used to crowd around , everyone always used to get down , with the funky sound of the funky drummer , number one style for the number one summer , here he goes again and everyone going to say , why it never go my way , why it never go my way , my way, my way , every morning, wake up to a bad day , thinking about you , and tattoos and clown shoes , and good thing i got up s and downs , got help some time , drink some liquor ought to help sometime , maybe i don t need to feel alright , once in a minute going once in a while , mama ain t seen my face in a while , everything going my way , why isn t anything going my way , why is everybody standi

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