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It s all about me and u Doin how we do Tear the floor up up Tell em to make room If they wanna know Tell em mind theiri remember that time we were sippin on wine i could see it in your eyes, you were feeling alive why tell you i was good, why the fuck would i lie i remember seeing twice baby i shouldn t drive i should let you own the keys baby take them aside if you d taken my advice, maybe then you d survive ive been looking at the sky all night and ain t see shit thinking how you die, but you said i could be shit now i m on my grind baby look at me now, look at me now all this cash on me make em wanna go down i could fill your cup girl, i could make you slow down i could show you up baby, i don t pour fo sippin all day baby what you waiting fo if you need a drink i got drugs on me gotta watch for the 12 i got drugs on me i ve been going hard i ve been working ot imma make a stack put in on my mommy

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K Marofrom the east coast to the west we ain t the worst, we ain t the best drink all night, i m such a mess there s something missing in my chest show me the hill, show me the view i swear i m coming back for you i lost my mind, i lost my shoe i found myself when i found... be my savior, be my woman go from la back to brooklyn take my body til the morning now i m leaving without warning she said let s stay up all night long everything right and nothing s wrong that girl don t wanna see the dawn she came so quick, and now she s gone what s coming next, i just don t know i ll be your fort, i m coming home now i m alone, i can t relax i won t forget about the... what s your name, and what s your story hayley s heavy i m still horny, she s so fine i m so boring, i still want you in the morning in the morning in the morning i m leaving, i m leaving without warning be my savior be my woman go from l

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