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ФАбриКА РингТоноВ 2017 - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil WayneMy breasts were pierced, so red ball ornaments were placed through each nipple. Additionally, each ear was pierced, so a red ball ornament was placed in each earring hole. My nipples were protruding through a hole for each in the silk red top of the ensemble. It had red and green fur around it, and I was tied from head to toe with beautiful tinsel garland. Bows were placed all over my body, and a giant bow was place in my femininely prepared hair. Of course, I had bright Christmas-type make-up on and the bright red ball gag ornament in my mouth. And don t forget the jingle bells, which were sewed all over my outfit. This was sort of security system to keep me still and in position. Don t forget the lights eigher, which were very, very hot against my skin -- she used outdoor light, which were sheer torture. (2015) (11 of 18)

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